A multi-user browser-based interactive ghci

Dear Haskellers,

this is the blog for the Google Summer of Code 2012 project “A multi-user browser-based interactive ghci”.

Student: Shae Erisson (shapr)
Mentor: Heinrich Apfelmus

The primary goal of this project is to create an interactive Haskell interpreter that lives in the web browser and allows users to share code and have simulatenous interpreter sessions, thereby facilitating the teaching and learning of Haskell. The idea is that in a not too far future, a typical conversation on the Haskell IRC channel may look like this:

Newbie: “Hey, I got a problem with my code here.”
Expert: “Sure, fire up the magic interpreter and we’ll check it out together.”
Newbie *shares link*
Expert: “So, where is the problem?”
Newbie *evaluates expression*
Newbie: “See, it has a type error here.”
Expert: “Hm. Ah, I see. You have to use a prehistomorphic zygomorphism.”
Expert *changes code and reloads*
Newbie: “Oh, it works! But how did you do that?”
Expert: “Well, it’s probably easier to understand if I write it like this.”
Expert *simplifies code*

The secondary goal of this project is to explore some of the possibilities of HTML output for a Haskell interpreter.

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  1. Christopher King says:

    Short of like lambda bot.

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