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ghcLiVE project escapes!

The final project is up! With many thanks to Luite Stegeman, my mentor for months of help! And thanks to Darius Bacon and Edward Kmett for help in the last few days! And Heinrich Apfelmus who helped get the interpreter … Continue reading

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June Update

Mid-term evaluation is approaching, what’s the status of ghclive? So far I’ve written four prototypes demonstrating various pieces. hintdownloadexecute adds code downloading to the demo that comes with hint. scottywebexecute add code execution to a demo that comes with the … Continue reading

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What should we put in the server component?

So, Shae wants to build a multi-user browser-based Haskell interpreter. The big question is: how do we distribute the functionality between a server in the cloud the user’s local machine and the web browser window? For instance, one option is … Continue reading

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A multi-user browser-based interactive ghci

Dear Haskellers, this is the blog for the Google Summer of Code 2012 project “A multi-user browser-based interactive ghci”. Student: Shae Erisson (shapr) Mentor: Heinrich Apfelmus The primary goal of this project is to create an interactive Haskell interpreter that … Continue reading

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